The New Adventures of Old House

Wow, it’s really been a while since I’ve written. It’s no secret that I’m not into blog writing for the advertising and product endorsement money! Or for showcasing my fabulous photography skills (although, I’m sorry BB, but I’ve seen the pictures my mom can take on her iCompetitor phone and your picture quality isn’t nearly as great in comparison).

So first things first-

Moving on

Our townhouse sold! This happened way back before Christmas. Which was a relief, because we became homeowners again at pretty much the exact same time. Goodbye, suburbia, hello small-town.

Moving in

And now, I proudly introduce our newest addition: Blondie!

The first time I saw her in sunlight

Each time we had seen the house before it was ours, it was dark and raining. This was the first time we took the kids to see the house on a sunny Saturday. It was so exciting. And before I forget, I have to give my dear friend Sarah her due for naming our house Blondie. It was just fitting because not only is the house a blonde brick beauty, I had already named my little gold car Goldie.

Here is what Blondie looks like in the summer sun:

That Blondie has a porch that goes on for miles…

There is so much I love about our house, and I will write about these things from time to time, as time permits. I’d like to do some before-and-after posts of different rooms in the house because I’m a total house-voyeur myself:I love to look at other peoples’ before-and-after reveals, especially in old houses like ours. Would you believe she’s a day over 100? (Also on my to-do list: find out Blondie’s history and exact age)

Thanks for stopping by. And if you’re ever passing through Lindsay, the kettle’s always on (seriously!) and there’s a spot just for you on the front porch.




Santa Shuffle

Vinda and I ran a 5K Santa Shuffle race on Saturday together.

He was right chuffed that he was able to join the cross country team this fall, the only extracurricular extended to Grade 3s other than choir. He really enjoyed it, but they never ran more than 2km, so this was a big feat for him. Plus he found a gigantic crustacean traipsing around under the ice in the park before the race:

Grandpa says this is an invasive species of crayfish, but Vinda just thinks it’s awesome!

All in all, a perfect day, I’d say.

Still running in December (!),


On the move

It’s official, so now I can finally speak publicly about what’s been consuming my brain (no, not zombies) for weeks: we’re moving!

In terms of the house we’re moving into, I’m over the moon. It’s a big old blonde-brick beauty from which I can walk to everything I need in under 10 minutes (a dream of mine).

Now, the challenge is our current house. Within one short week, we had a meeting with a home stager, removed about 80% of our belongings, scrubbed it clean, had photos taken for mls, got the house posted on mls, and are now about to have our 6th and 7th showings tonight. No offers yet. <sigh> While I recognize that it’s only been on the market since Saturday, every day has felt like an eternity as we wait for the phone to ring with requests for showings, and then wait for calls with offers (which are yet to materialize!). I think perhaps what’s made this more stressful is that we’ve had to live in our house but make it look like we’re not living there. No small feat with two young kids at home. Two bathrooms are off-limits barring any potty emergencies. I thought folding the end of the toilet paper into a cute little triangle like at the hotel was fun at first, but now it’s just annoying. And wiping the water off the taps and drying out the kitchen sink every time I use it to prevent water spots is like my very own version of water torture.


So, I’ll just keep daydreaming of my new digs to keep me sane. An offer will come. The sale will happen. And then I’ll have The Big Move to write about!

Until then, I’ll remain picking dark fuzz off the light carpet,


Happy Birthday. Your hamster’s dead.

The fanfare and celebration that would have been enjoyed on my momentous 33rd birthday was tempered by the death of our little furball, Teddy.

The night before it happened, Marshall was afraid that she was dead as she took a very long time to respond to her cage being opened when he was filling up her food dish.

I was the lucky one who discovered her dead in her little plastic ‘peanut’ tube early yesterday morning. Telling Vinda that his pet had died was very difficult. I think I cried almost as much as he did. We had a little service for her in the back yard before bedtime. He threw in some fall mums before we covered her up (“If we put them on top of the dirt, Teeny Man will find them and take them”), and then picked a jellybean tomato (yes, apparently that’s a real variety of tiny tomato) from the garden and put that on top of the grave (not sure of the motivation on that one).

On a happier note, I got to eat dessert before dinner. Working until 7 on your birthday isn’t great, but getting to have your chocolate cake first so the little one can get to bed before your hamster’s funeral…well, that isn’t great either. But cake before dinner in happier circumstances would be.

This will go down as one of my most memorable birthdays. So much happiness and sadness all rolled into one whirlwind day. We’ll miss you, Teddy.


A lot can happen when you’re gone

Honestly, how do people find the time to write on their blogs so often? I was on a pretty good roll until SCREEEECH! life interrupted.

Okay, it was pretty much plain laziness the first week I was away.

But then, would you believe we made a trip to the South in just one extended weekend trip? Yes, we (Marshall) drove 3,300 km to Atlanta to see our boys, Kobe and Bruiser over Thanksgiving weekend. (Thankful Thursday for that week should have been: ‘an extra week of holidays so I can see my stepsons’.)

We found this cute little fair in a village called Lilburn, which is a far easier name to say with a southern accent-just try it both ways and see. Bruiser, Vinda and I had a bouncing good time on those elastic jumpy trampolines that you can flip your body around on. Boy were my pecs and abs sore the next day! I missed out on Georgia peach pie, but I did manage to get some BBQ chicken and a whole earful of “ya’ll” southern drawl.

Which brings us to this week and my early birthday present (tomorrow’s the big day): I have entered the 21st century. I am now the reluctant proud owner of a Blackberry! As weird as it still seems to have this little gadget in my hands, I have to admit having a camera and being able to send and receive pictures is awesome!!! (Thanks, Marshall!)

I took five days off running when we went to the US, but I’m back in the game and my mom got me a pair of running mitt-gloves, so I’m ready to take on the chilly fall weather! (Thanks, Mom!)

I’ll try to be a better (more regular, anyway) blogger-I’ve missed it!


Yee-haw! Oooone Hundred!

I don’t know what kind of mother can run 100 miles all at once-kudos!-but I’ll stick to 100 km (and not all at once).

Now that is some race! I found this a fitting photo to celebrate my latest running accomplishment: yesterday, I hit the 100 km mark! It took me almost 2 months to do it, but I did it!

 On a side note, this morning was the first time that it has actually really rained since I started running at the beginning of August. I’ve only been taking off Saturdays, so this means that there has been virtually no early morning rain in two months (just in case you were wondering about 5 a.m. weather patterns). I really don’t like getting wet, so this morning’s run was another little accomplishment for me (I even ran most of my cooldown walk because it started to rain harder).
Want to start running, too, so we can keep each other motivated? I really don’t like the cold, either, so when the temperature starts to drop, I think I’m going to need an extra push. Anyone? Anyone? (Bueller? Bueller?)

Thankful Thursday-A Little Time to Write this Blog

I was so excited to create and start writing my very own blog!

Remember how I couldn’t find any written by full-time-working-outside-the-home moms? Yeah, well, now I know why (although I figured as much all along). I don’t have time for this! But like all things worth doing, a good measure of perseverance (there it is again!) is in order to keep it up.

Why is this worth doing? I’m clearly not making any money from banner ads (they must have minimum follower/comment requirements before they deem your blog worthy of expropriating advertising space). I really just wanted a spot to talk about my life and provide encouragement/sympathy/empathy/time-saving recipes (which clearly I haven’t gotten around to yet save for that crock pot roast) to whoever comes across it.

Now that school and extracurricular activities have resumed and holidays are pretty much all used up, I find that I have very little time to write. I’m pleased if I can get in a post once a week. And really, I don’t have to pressure myself to do more, because, well, it’s my party blog and I’ll cry write if I want have time to. And so, I’m thankful for the bit of time I carve out each week to put my thoughts on “paper”. For the chance to use big words like “assuage” that I would be made fun of for saying out loud (or at least stared at blankly). Sidenote to anyone reading this who normally buys me a Christmas gift: the Concise Oxford English Dictionary wants a spot on my bookshelf.

Who knew that I’d be thankful for a diary at 32? It doesn’t even have a tiny lock and key, and I still think it’s cool.