Islands in the Glass

I remember when my backyard looked like this:

garden pic




At least, I think I do. Here we are, a full week into “spring”, and all I see when I look out into my backyard is this:

back yard is this really spring Mar 27'15


Fortunately, I found a little antidote to my prolonged-winter-induced crankiness via Smitten Kitchen: The Consolation Prize Mocktail. It’s described as a blend of a mojito and a pina colada. (I’m not a fan of mint unless it’s on its own or with chocolate, so I left that out.)

The Consolation Prize ingredients

The Consolation Prize with ice

The Consolation Prize full glasses

The Consolation Prize pouring

The Consolation Prize cheers!

Slainte! Turns out this wasn’t a hit with Teeny Man, so this poorly-timed shot captures his imminent disappointment.

Ahh…a taste of the tropics! It made me feel all summery and like it was time to dig out the sunscreen:

"Suntan lotion is good for me! "

“Suntan lotion is good for me! “

I remain hopeful that tomorrow will be a little warmer, or at least snow-free. If all else fails, I’ve got more pineapple juice on standby…





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