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I’ve never been a fan of New Year’s Eve. Even in my imbibing years, the idea of heading out in the freezing cold to celebrate the Day Before Any Other Day just wasn’t my idea of a good time. To me, September has and always will be the start of a new year.

Way better than Auld Lang Syne.

Anyway, with the dawn of 2015 comes the onslaught of gym ads et al. luring we overindulgers away from the gluttony of the holidays and toward our newer, healthier selves. I did that once a couple of years ago, and somehow actually managed to stick with a program for 3 months!


I *might* not be able to do these.

It started with a mattress motivating moment. We had to move our bed for a renovation and I couldn’t even lift the edge of the mattress off the floor. That made me MAD. I decided right then that I needed to change.

For me (and I would hazard a guess, many), finances and accessibility were two important factors in what and where I was going to start building physical activity into my lifestyle.

Some ventures to get fit and healthy are very expensive. The above program was over $100, plus the cost of a few sets of free weights and resistance bands. I saw that as an investment in my health, and when I spread the cost over the three months of the program, it was still cheaper than a gym membership.

My default state is quasi-sloth and cold, so any activity I do needs to happen close to home and out of the elements, or I will think up every excuse not to leave the house and be active. So, home programs are definitely up my alley. Bonus: no one can watch me when I’m exercising in my living room.

Once I finished that program, I thought I was set. I bought a couple of more feasible programs (for only $10 per dvd!) that are only 30 minutes per workout (the 90-day program was between 60-90 minutes per workout, which is NOT feasible for me to keep up forever). I was now going to be fit forever! New behaviours become habits after 21 days (or something like that), right? WRONG. Life can always get in the way. Fast forward a year, and just when I should have been using exercise as an antidote to a huge stress in my life, I let it go.


But I didn’t let the lapse continue. I let that go and started fresh. I didn’t get hung up on what gains I had lost, and instead decided to focus each day on how I felt so much better mentally even though I wasn’t as fit or a strong as I once had been. I’m not big on motivational speakers, but I often think of this gem of Jillian Michaels’:

Okay, so here is my point:  never mind that it is January (or whatever month you may be reading this). If you have had that motivating “mattress” moment and want to change your lifestyle to include physical activity, figure out what is financially and logistically feasible for you, and start.


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