The 20-Metre Diet, or, Salad Days

I have romanticized notions of how lovely it would be to be a self-sufficient farmer: enjoying the sunshine and a hard day’s work, then coming inside to enjoy the fruits of my labour. The reality is, I enjoy the sunshine more when I’m not doing any hard work, so my garden has spent most of the summer looking like this:

What weeds? I don't see any weeds.

What weeds? I don’t see any weeds.

Summer was not nearly as hot and sunny as I would have liked, although all the rain meant that I really got off the hook with watering. That played well into my lazy hand, but the subsequent weed bounty did not.

I was super-excited to have purchased what was labeled as cilantro at the farmers’ market this spring. Turns out, it was flat-leaf parsley!

Okay, so no Thai-inspired cooking after big deal...

Okay, so no Thai-inspired cooking after all…no big deal…

But thanks to the fact that I have poor spatial sense, I planted an enormous number of cherry tomato plants. Also, I was late getting pickling cucumbers at the market (SOLD OUT!), so I have two English cucumber plants that have been generously producing yummy cukes. The garden is actually on my neighbour’s lawn, and he very kindly shares it with me. He has planted some sweet onions that are quite tasty.

As it turns out, this lazy, non-romantic “farmer” was able to produce a fantastic “20-Metre Diet” salad thanks to a quick search on google for cherry tomato-cucumber salads. The great thing is, I actually got to use some of that parsley that I have been giving the stink-eye all summer.

20-metre diet salad aug 31'14

So many cherry tomatoes, so many cankers.

So there you have it, a romantic salad, created solely from produce straight from my garden: cherry tomatoes, cucumber, sweet onion, and yes, flat-leaf parsley. Now that’s what I call salad days.


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