The New Adventures of Old House

Wow, it’s really been a while since I’ve written. It’s no secret that I’m not into blog writing for the advertising and product endorsement money! Or for showcasing my fabulous photography skills (although, I’m sorry BB, but I’ve seen the pictures my mom can take on her iCompetitor phone and your picture quality isn’t nearly as great in comparison).

So first things first-

Moving on

Our townhouse sold! This happened way back before Christmas. Which was a relief, because we became homeowners again at pretty much the exact same time. Goodbye, suburbia, hello small-town.

Moving in

And now, I proudly introduce our newest addition: Blondie!

The first time I saw her in sunlight

Each time we had seen the house before it was ours, it was dark and raining. This was the first time we took the kids to see the house on a sunny Saturday. It was so exciting. And before I forget, I have to give my dear friend Sarah her due for naming our house Blondie. It was just fitting because not only is the house a blonde brick beauty, I had already named my little gold car Goldie.

Here is what Blondie looks like in the summer sun:

That Blondie has a porch that goes on for miles…

There is so much I love about our house, and I will write about these things from time to time, as time permits. I’d like to do some before-and-after posts of different rooms in the house because I’m a total house-voyeur myself:I love to look at other peoples’ before-and-after reveals, especially in old houses like ours. Would you believe she’s a day over 100? (Also on my to-do list: find out Blondie’s history and exact age)

Thanks for stopping by. And if you’re ever passing through Lindsay, the kettle’s always on (seriously!) and there’s a spot just for you on the front porch.




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