On the move

It’s official, so now I can finally speak publicly about what’s been consuming my brain (no, not zombies) for weeks: we’re moving!

In terms of the house we’re moving into, I’m over the moon. It’s a big old blonde-brick beauty from which I can walk to everything I need in under 10 minutes (a dream of mine).

Now, the challenge is our current house. Within one short week, we had a meeting with a home stager, removed about 80% of our belongings, scrubbed it clean, had photos taken for mls, got the house posted on mls, and are now about to have our 6th and 7th showings tonight. No offers yet. <sigh> While I recognize that it’s only been on the market since Saturday, every day has felt like an eternity as we wait for the phone to ring with requests for showings, and then wait for calls with offers (which are yet to materialize!). I think perhaps what’s made this more stressful is that we’ve had to live in our house but make it look like we’re not living there. No small feat with two young kids at home. Two bathrooms are off-limits barring any potty emergencies. I thought folding the end of the toilet paper into a cute little triangle like at the hotel was fun at first, but now it’s just annoying. And wiping the water off the taps and drying out the kitchen sink every time I use it to prevent water spots is like my very own version of water torture.


So, I’ll just keep daydreaming of my new digs to keep me sane. An offer will come. The sale will happen. And then I’ll have The Big Move to write about!

Until then, I’ll remain picking dark fuzz off the light carpet,



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