A lot can happen when you’re gone

Honestly, how do people find the time to write on their blogs so often? I was on a pretty good roll until SCREEEECH! life interrupted.

Okay, it was pretty much plain laziness the first week I was away.

But then, would you believe we made a trip to the South in just one extended weekend trip? Yes, we (Marshall) drove 3,300 km to Atlanta to see our boys, Kobe and Bruiser over Thanksgiving weekend. (Thankful Thursday for that week should have been: ‘an extra week of holidays so I can see my stepsons’.)

We found this cute little fair in a village called Lilburn, which is a far easier name to say with a southern accent-just try it both ways and see. Bruiser, Vinda and I had a bouncing good time on those elastic jumpy trampolines that you can flip your body around on. Boy were my pecs and abs sore the next day! I missed out on Georgia peach pie, but I did manage to get some BBQ chicken and a whole earful of “ya’ll” southern drawl.

Which brings us to this week and my early birthday present (tomorrow’s the big day): I have entered the 21st century. I am now the reluctant proud owner of a Blackberry! As weird as it still seems to have this little gadget in my hands, I have to admit having a camera and being able to send and receive pictures is awesome!!! (Thanks, Marshall!)

I took five days off running when we went to the US, but I’m back in the game and my mom got me a pair of running mitt-gloves, so I’m ready to take on the chilly fall weather! (Thanks, Mom!)

I’ll try to be a better (more regular, anyway) blogger-I’ve missed it!



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