Yee-haw! Oooone Hundred!

I don’t know what kind of mother can run 100 miles all at once-kudos!-but I’ll stick to 100 km (and not all at once).

Now that is some race! I found this a fitting photo to celebrate my latest running accomplishment: yesterday, I hit the 100 km mark! It took me almost 2 months to do it, but I did it!

 On a side note, this morning was the first time that it has actually really rained since I started running at the beginning of August. I’ve only been taking off Saturdays, so this means that there has been virtually no early morning rain in two months (just in case you were wondering about 5 a.m. weather patterns). I really don’t like getting wet, so this morning’s run was another little accomplishment for me (I even ran most of my cooldown walk because it started to rain harder).
Want to start running, too, so we can keep each other motivated? I really don’t like the cold, either, so when the temperature starts to drop, I think I’m going to need an extra push. Anyone? Anyone? (Bueller? Bueller?)

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