Thankful Thursday-A Little Time to Write this Blog

I was so excited to create and start writing my very own blog!

Remember how I couldn’t find any written by full-time-working-outside-the-home moms? Yeah, well, now I know why (although I figured as much all along). I don’t have time for this! But like all things worth doing, a good measure of perseverance (there it is again!) is in order to keep it up.

Why is this worth doing? I’m clearly not making any money from banner ads (they must have minimum follower/comment requirements before they deem your blog worthy of expropriating advertising space). I really just wanted a spot to talk about my life and provide encouragement/sympathy/empathy/time-saving recipes (which clearly I haven’t gotten around to yet save for that crock pot roast) to whoever comes across it.

Now that school and extracurricular activities have resumed and holidays are pretty much all used up, I find that I have very little time to write. I’m pleased if I can get in a post once a week. And really, I don’t have to pressure myself to do more, because, well, it’s my party blog and I’ll cry write if I want have time to. And so, I’m thankful for the bit of time I carve out each week to put my thoughts on “paper”. For the chance to use big words like “assuage” that I would be made fun of for saying out loud (or at least stared at blankly). Sidenote to anyone reading this who normally buys me a Christmas gift: the Concise Oxford English Dictionary wants a spot on my bookshelf.

Who knew that I’d be thankful for a diary at 32? It doesn’t even have a tiny lock and key, and I still think it’s cool.



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