Thankful Thursday-Health

Perhaps it sounds cliche to be thankful for my health, but I really am. I rarely get sick: I’ve missed very little school and work days in my life due to illness.

My knees have held out these last 80 km they’ve taken me around the old subdivision, even though I know what they’re thinking: ‘Are you seriously going out AGAIN this morning? Okay, well, Legs said they’re pretty happy, so I guess we’ll be good for you. But don’t do anything crazy like a marathon, okay?’ To which I heartily reply (because I can read my knees’ thoughts): “Deal!”

I haven’t had to cope with a serious illness, save for the odd bout of bronchitis. Recently, we learned that our paper girl’s mom died. And as my mom had ovarian cancer (and miraculously survived) not long before that, that was hard news to hear.

I haven’t suffered the grips of mental illness. I also just recently learned that a man down the street took his own life a few months ago. I didn’t know him, so I can’t say why; however, he must have been badly hurting.

I am thankful, too, for the health of my family. My parents’, my husband’s, my children’s, and all my family and friends whom I dearly love.

Thank you, God, for answering our prayers to heal Mom. For one whole year cancer-free post-surgery! For the skill and care you’ve given all the medical professionals that took care of her and will monitor her in the future.

I hope you will take pause for a moment as well and pray thanks for the blessing of health in your life.



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