Assuaging Mommy Guilt with the Crock Pot

If you’re a working mom like me, who wishes she could be home with her kids even for just a few more hours during the week, then you know mommy guilt. It’s that thing that pangs you when you hear seemingly innocuous remarks like the woman in the GreenWorks commercial who refers to herself as a “full-time mom” (and from the commercial, it’s clear that she doesn’t work outside the home). Really? ‘Full-time mom?’ Is that implying that if I work outside the home during the day that I’m only a part-time mom? Gee, thanks for the encouragement.

One of the ways I like to assuage my mommy guilt (because I would love to be a little more June Cleaver and a little less Murphy Brown) is to use the Crock Pot now and then to make a roast beef dinner. Perhaps it doesn’t sound like a big deal, but it is in our family. I get the satisfaction of preparing a real, hearty, home-cooked meal for my family–on a weeknight!–and the compliments from my fellow family diners are awesome. Like Vinda saying, “This is my favourite thing that you make, Mom.” Now that just made my day after what was a very long and hectic day at work yesterday.

So I encourage all the moms out there who work outside the home in two ways:

  1. You are a great mom. Your kids love you. Think about how awesome it is to see them at the end of the workday, and how excited they are to see you. Think how you are helping others in the work that you do during the day, too. So you’re also a great woman! You go, Mom.
  2. If you don’t already, start using your crock pot to whip up a weeknight roast beef dinner now and then. The morning of (or night before) peel some potatoes and carrots, chop them up, throw them in the crock pot with a thawed roast, sprinkle on some dried thyme, add about 3/4 cup of stock or water, set to low, and in about 9 hours, you’ve got dinner on the table. Seriously, it’s that easy.






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