Thankful Thursday-September

Summer’s end is nigh: it’s the first day of September. But instead of lamenting the loss of the hot days and warm summer nights (I loooove the heat), I’m going to focus on why September is a month for being thankful.

1) Summer vacation is over! Yes, that may sound crazy, but in our blended family, that means that Vinda is coming home after having scarcely seen him since July. Saturday can’t come soon enough: I miss him like crazy.

2) The bounty of the harvest. I bet that if you’re a local, you’ve had “Good things grooooow, in On-tari-oooooo!” stuck in your head at least a few times this summer, and now we’re really starting to see proof of that song-statement. My jellybean tomato plant is gangbusters and I’m a sucker for tiny tomatoes. If I’m not careful, I’m going to have cankers sores like you wouldn’t believe.

3) The Lindsay Central Exhibition (Fair). Conklin midway. Cutest cuke (and other assorted produce) contest. Demolition derby. Anglican Church fries. Fudge. Cows, sheep, pigs, fowl. These are just some of the things to look forward to. Perhaps not the coolest venue, but I love it all the same. Funny I should mention cool, because yesterday I double-checked the date this year, and its website makes it look ultra-cool. Apparently, it’s now called the “LEX” (Lindsay Ex). Gone is that cute little logo that looks like a sailboat to me, but I think was supposed to look like a circus marquee:

My chocolate chip cookies won second place at The Fair once.

4) Back-to-school. No, not because the kids are going back to school. Because Teeny Man’s birthday is on the 6th. So this year, he turns 2 on the actual first day of school. Basically, every year he’ll get a long weekend and/or a first day of school combined with cake and ice cream. That’s a win-win-win situation (as long as you like school).

So, September, I guess you’re a pretty great month after all.Thanks!



One thought on “Thankful Thursday-September

  1. I know I was a good Mom because of all that you are thankful for.Baking cookies together was a highlight of motherhood for me.Your brother won first for his gingerbread cookies way back when.I also am thankful for September.Momsy


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