To Grandma’s House We Go

On Friday after work, Vinda, Teeny Man, and I made the 1-hour trip to Grandma and Grandpa’s house for a sleepover! You can imagine the kids’ excitement as everything is always more fun at Grandma’s:

  1. Eating. We were having pasta for dinner with a lot of vegetables in it. Mom told Vinda that he could pick out the things he didn’t like. To which I countered, “We make him eat everything in the pasta sauce, Mom.” And then, although she looked impressed by this parenting success, she replied happily, “Well, this is my house, so he doesn’t have to.” Thankfully Vinda isn’t as saucy as my mom! (Just kidding, Mom; I love you!)
  2. Bedtime. Teeny Man got out of his makeshift playpen bed (which at almost two, he is getting dreadfully long for) a total of 3 times because Grandma can’t bear to hear him cry (final bedtime: 9:30). Vinda got to finish watching a movie at 10:15. I went to bed at 10:30, 15 minutes later. How fair is that?!
  3. Playtime. Grandpa got home from work at 8:00 and sauntered into the kitchen carrying a helmet. “Dad, why are you carrying a helmet?” was my clever query. A grin came over both his and Mom’s faces, at which point Vinda and I bolted out of the house to the driveway. And what to our wondering eyes did appear but a green motorcycle and a matching sidecar! I guess that teeny toy Harley I bought him one year for his birthday and ‘parked’ in the driveway just wasn’t quite what he had in mind. Vinda makes for one very happy sidekick!

Saturday morning, we went to the farmers’ market. The boys had been looking forward to market cookies all week. “Teeny Man, what are you going to get at the market?” “Tookies.” I ran into someone I went to high school with. It’s so weird seeing people after not having seen them for a really long time. You forget that everyone else is getting older when you don’t see them in the mirror every day. It’s like they’re stuck in a 90s time warp in your mind.

The afternoon was spent lounging at Grandma’s. My friend came over to visit and we sat on the porch drinking tea. This was interrupted by Vinda running over madly saying, “I found poo on the yard!” This, of course, got little parrot Teeny Man all excited: “I see poo! I see poo!” So off they both ran to look at the poo together while Grandma got some bags to pick it up. Where was I, you might wonder, while this was taking place? I was running after the three of them filming it all on the camera. I mean, why keep poo to yourself when you can share it with others? (I’m sorry: I didn’t take a still shot of the poo.)

It’s never a dull day at Grandma’s.

Happy Monday!



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