Thankful Thursday-Perseverance

Okay, so technically today is Friday, but I just came back to work yesterday (actual Thursday) after a much needed “mini-break”. Of course, there’s always a lot of work waiting for you at the office when you’ve been away for a while. So, here I am on pretend Thursday, caught up with work and with a little time to spare to write.

Today I want to express my thankfulness for perseverance. I see it every day at work with clients. Working in a food bank is humbling and really puts into perspective the “challenges” that I face in my life. And yet, people trudge through adversity far greater than anything with which I’ve had to struggle: the single mom going to school ful-time to make a better life for her children; the middle-aged man putting out resumes all over the city to find work. There are so many stories of people in hardship but continuing on, persevering in spite of so many obstacles.

My personal experience with perseverance this week for which I am thankful is that I’ve continued to exercise while on holiday. We went to Montreal to celebrate our anniversary, and all three mornings I went to the hotel gym and ran on the treadmill! I even think I went farther than normal because it tracked distance in miles, so I ran longer to make sure I did at least 2 km (math, especially on vacation, is not my favourite).

When I got back out on the road Thursday morning, was I ever thankful that I stuck with the running, even though on the treadmill it was SO BORING. I’m actually starting to see and feel muscles in my legs that I haven’t felt for years. And my body feels stronger. Those endorphins really do get you feeling positive!

I’m up to 30 km total distance for the month of August. If you’re interested in starting out on a running adventure, let me know. We can keep each other accountable, even if we can’t actually see each other in our awesome running attire (yesterday it was a pair of ten-year old Zellers running shorts and a Giant Tiger tank top–in your face, Lu Lu Lemon!).

Keep on keepin’ on,



2 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday-Perseverance

  1. Hey Lily,
    Some friends and I are planning on doing a 5K run in October, so I would be interested in keeping each other accountable. It takes a lot of willpower to run on your holidays.
    Keep up the good work,


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