Thankful Thursday-Family Childcare

Do you ever get gobsmacked with thankfulness after a long period of not really thinking much about how you really have a lot to be thankful for?

I can have the tendency to complain. I think it’s human nature. We compare ourselves to others: our bodies, our jobs, our families, our stuff; anything we have, we can complain about.

But I can watch the news for 5 minutes on any given day and see how I have so very much to be thankful for and that the stuff I complain about starts to look pretty whiny and insignificant.

So, I’ve decided to have a theme day (and really, who doesn’t love a great theme?): Thankful Thursday. I see that Wordless Wednesday is ‘thing’ in the blogosphere, and hey, perhaps so is Thankful Thursday, but I haven’t read enough blogs to have come across it yet. So I apologize in advance if you already made it up, or you’re welcome if you didn’t, but you like the idea.

Today I want to write about how I’m thankful that we live in the same town as my brother- and sister-in-law, and that she kindly took Teeny Man into her home when my maternity leave ended in the fall.

Not only is he in a home with all the nice coziness that homes have, but he’s with his very own Auntie (and Uncle and Cousins when they’re not at work/school). He loves it there. I can count the times he’s cried when I’ve left him there on one hand, and it’s been almost a year since I’ve been back at work. He’s being cared for in a Christian home and growing closer to his family. What an incredible blessing.

So that’s what I’m thankful for this Thursday.



One thought on “Thankful Thursday-Family Childcare

  1. I like Thankful Thursday! I’ve been watching Ice Loves Coco. She invented Thong Thursday – I think Thankful Thursday is much more realilstic for us as moms.


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