First TV Crushes

We’ve all got ’em. Mine was in 1987 at the ripe old age of 8. Ahh, Joey.

“Joey F. Jeremiah. ‘F’ for pharmacy. At your service.”

To this day, I’m attracted to a man in a fedora.

When Degrassi was reborn as :TNG in my early twenties, imagine my excitement when Joey reprised his role! Okay, so he lost the fedora (and a lot of his hair), but those old emotions just came flooding back. I couldn’t even still be mad at him for messing up Tessa’s life and breaking Caitlin’s heart in School’s Out!

So what, pray tell, has got Joey on my brain again? Well, last week we sat down to watch Sharpay’s Fabulous Adventure with Vinda (my 8-year old), and guess who pops up on screen? Oh yeah, Mr. Jeremiah himself, now looking dapper and refined with some grey in his goatee. Thank you, Disney, for choosing Hollywood North to film (and cast) your HSM spin-off. In this way you have redeemed yourself from so much fromage with which you hook my husband (yep, he’s an HSM fan!) and children.

Everybody wants somethin’, and that was just the somethin’ I wanted!



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