Wide awake and dreaming

Wide awake and dreaming

July 28, 2011

So last night I had a Eureka moment while laying in bed, wide
awake but tired, at 11:30.

‘I should write a blog.’

And then the ideas started flowing and I got excited and
thought, ‘I should write
this stuff down before I fall asleep.’
But then I remembered how I
hate getting out of bed once I’m already in it. Even to pee after that second
cup of tea has worked its way through me. So, I waited until this morning…to
write my new blog!…in a spiral notebook. Oh, snap! This woman doesn’t know
the least about:

a) how to get/start/write a blog

b) how much they cost (free would be nice)

c) how to take those tear-jerkingly gorgeous snaps of
object from an awesome blog here> that make me want to become a
chef/professional organizer/better photographer (with a sweet camera)

So of course, it’s only natural that my very first blog entry is
written on paper and that I’ll have to transcribe it whenever
I get around to it (i.e., likely not today)
on August 2, after
my longest day of the work week (obviously, I have great time management

But I’m actually okay with this because I like pens and paper.
There’s just something satisfying about being able to hold what I’ve created in
my hands. But I digress (a lot, and typically).

So why am I writing this blog? Well, it all started a few months
ago. I didn’t mean for it to happen. I wasn’t into the blog scene. I read one
blog (gailvazoxlade.com-she is one smart and funny lady who knows a lot about
money). And then my friend, in a conversation about simplifying life, suggested
I check out smallnotebook.org. Now here are some of those photos that put my
point-and-click photography skills to shame. And then one day, I got frustrated
with the disarray in the <insert room or cupboard in said room here> in
my house. So I started looking at organization blogs, and I found
orgjunkie.com, and that was right up my alley (and Canadian!), too. By this
time, my mom had also told me about smittenkitchen.com. This lady can make
batter in a bowl with the spatula placed just-so look more beautiful than the
Mona Lisa. Sorry, Lisa. Oh, and happy birthday, Mom. I get 50% of my weird
sense of humour from you, so I hope that shines through in my writing. I love
you! Or as Teeny Man, my almost two-year old would say, “Ah va voo!”
So that’s four blogs whose writers have entertained and impressed me to the
point of making me want to write one, too. It just looks like they really enjoy
writing them. So, hey, why not me, too? Because
you’re awfully busy, that’s why not.
Yeah, I know. But I’m still

Time to back up the train. A few months ago, I was going through
one of my funks of guilt for not being able to stay home with my kids (need
that second pay cheque to pay the bills). I was in search of some sympathy empathy, so I started looking for a
“working mom’s” blog. That term bothers me, but I can’t think of
anything else equally descriptive and less annoying. I couldn’t find one that
really clicked with me. In fact, by the time I was looking for this kind of
blog, I’d been searching for organizing blogs and thrifty living blogs and
honestly, every single
was written by a stay-at-home-mom (add that to my lengthy list
of bothersome terms) with a high proportion of home schoolers to boot. Let me
just say that I have mad
for anyone who has the patience and skill to teach her own
children (especially when a lot of these moms seem to have a lot of kids). And
let me also say that my eyes have been known to gloss over green sometimes
reading SAHM blogs. But, hey, this is the life I’ve got. And it’s the life of
many other moms, too, and if one day some of them start to read this, then
maybe it’ll help encourage them, too. To squeeze in and relish the mom and
homemaker moments before and after work (another word that makes me cringe:
relish as a verb). And then maybe if that one day comes, I can stop writing in
this odd style of sort of assuming someone’s reading it, but now knowing for
sure, so I can’t bring myself to directly address the reader.

Wow, look at that. I should have woken up Teeny Man 20 minutes
ago to get ready for Auntie’s so mommy can go to work.

Onwards and upwards! (Man,
I need a better sign-off



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